The Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition (HVAC) is a consortium of professionals and community members who work to improve the management of asthma among children in Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Westchester counties in the Hudson Valley in New York State.

HVAC envisions communities in which all children with asthma and their families receive quality health care, manage their asthma well, and live healthy and active lives. HVAC is a program of the American Lung Association in New York and is funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Health.

We partner with health care practices, hospitals, schools, child care centers and other community settings, providing resources and implementing projects that will enhance the capacity of medical professionals and schools to offer state-of-the-art, evidence-based asthma education and treatment. By doing so, we seek to improve asthma outcomes in children and lower the need for asthma–related hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and school absences.

Our membership is comprised of individuals and organizations from throughout the Hudson Valley, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, public health professionals, parents, and other community members.
Anyone interested in making a difference in the lives of children with asthma can join for FREE.

How the Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition is Structured

The Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition consists of a general coalition and seven committees.

Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition Committees:

Steering Committee –
Guides and oversees the activities of the organization
Scientific Advisory / Research Committee  –
Collects, analyzes, and distributes public health data to determine the burden of asthma; ensures that projects undertaken by HVAC are scientifically valid; reviews all medical and clinical information for dissemination
Professional Education Committee –
Promotes the utilization of the latest best practice guidelines for asthma care in the Hudson Valley region; provides culturally and linguistically appropriate programs with continuing education credits whenever possible; serves as a resource for health care providers caring for patients with asthma and their families
Schools / Environment Committee –
Serves as a resource to all schools and childcare centers; provides information to schools promoting a safe and healthy environment; serves as resource for up-to-date asthma education; promotes partnerships with volunteer groups, colleges and universities to disseminate education programs; implements the American Lung Association’s Open Airways for Schools® and Kickin’ Asthma curricula; encourages physical activity for children with asthma
Patient / Community Education Committee –
Provides current best practice education; conducts Asthma 101 presentations for communities; provides culturally and linguistically relevant asthma information; identifies existing asthma home visit referral resources; collaborates with health plans to foster wellness and asthma disease management
Health Disparities Committee –
Shares the most current asthma information and resources in a health literate and culturally relevant manner; increases representation of diverse communities and organizations in HVAC; addresses the needs of the most vulnerable population by bringing asthma programs to the community; provides asthma education and screening to help reduce the negative impact among disparate communities
Sustainability Committee –
Educates local legislators about asthma and the work of HVAC in reducing asthma-related illness and costs; works with HVAC Director to identify sources of funding to further the mission of HVAC


How You Can Get Involved

Anyone age 18 and older can become a member of the Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition—it’s free. You can participate in the meetings and find out the latest in asthma. The general Coalition meets three times a year. The committees each meet approximately four times a year.

How Joining Our Coalition Can Benefit You

By participating in HVAC, you will be exposed to other professionals and community members who are working to improve the lives of children with asthma. You will have access to:

  • Latest in asthma based research
  • Presentations on the most current advances in childhood asthma
  • Interaction with physicians, nurses, public health professionals, and community members
  • Multiple free resources

Your involvement will give you the opportunity to shape the coalition and impact communities with your expertise. Working together, we will improve asthma outcomes among your patients, students, and community members.

Make a difference by joining the Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition today!

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