Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition Membership

Membership is open to all individuals and to any public or private sector organization (or its designated representative) that demonstrate an interest in working toward the Hudson Valley Asthma Coalition’s (HVAC) goal of reducing the burden of asthma.


Membership Is Classified As Follows:

Active Members
Active Members must participate in a majority of HVAC meetings and activities, including at least one Standing Committee, are eligible to vote and to hold an elected office. It is the Active Member’s responsibility to complete a membership application and sign the Conflict of Interest Policy.

Associate Members
Associate Members are any interested individuals or organizations that do not qualify to be or do not desire to be an Active Member. Associate Members receive mailings and notices, may attend meetings at their discretion and are not eligible to vote or hold elected office. Associate Members may choose at any time to change their status to Active Member by submitting a request for active membership.


To Become a Asthma Coalition Member, Please Fill out the Form Below: